Masterclass Andalusia

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Paco Montalvo (center), with violinist David Russell (left) and film maker Stephen Burks
Masterclass Andalusia is organized by Professor Francisco Garcia  Montalvo, Professor of Violin at the Conservatorio Superior di Musica "Rafael Orozco, and is Co-Directed with American Violinist and Pedagogue David Russell.  The inaugural Masterclass Andalusia is the culmination of a vision of Professor Montalvo, to bring together his love for his beloved city of Cordoba with his deep love of helping young violinists attain excellence. An ongoing collaboration between Professors Montalvo and  Russell  has resulted in several highly successful international projects, the latest of which is Masterclass Andalusia. By gathering their extensive network of resources, Professors Montalvo and Russell have brought together a wonderful expression of beauty, history, and music, in a moving testament to these gifts of God to humanity.

Virtuoso Violinist Paco Montalvo in Performance at Circulo de Armistad, Cordoba